An Inspection Station Near Me at a Car Dealership?

inspection station near meWhen you think pre-owned vehicle dealerships you rarely think of getting auto services there, too. In fact, you would probably not even consider going there for your vehicle inspection. However, at Peters Auto Mall you can get just that. If you are looking for an inspection station near me then look no further than Peters Auto Mall.

What will an NC Vehicle Inspection Involve?

To keep your vehicle running legally on the road, you must get it inspected yearly. Your inspection is due the same month every year. The month you initially purchased your license plate will be the month it is due. You cannot renew a vehicle’s registration until it passes both a safety and emission inspection.

In addition, you have to pay a small fee to have the inspection completed. The two parts include:

Vehicle Safety Inspection – This inspection ensures that your vehicle is operating safely. It checks headlights, accessory lights, directional signals, brakes, parking brake, steering, and windshield wipers. Vehicles 35 years old or older are exempt from this part of the inspection.

On-Board Diagnostic Emissions Inspection – This test is to help the fight against ozone-forming emissions from gasoline-operated cars and trucks. A vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) system plugs into the inspection station computer. This works with computerized equipment installed on all new vehicles since 1996. There are a few vehicles exempt from this test. These vehicles are from 1995 or older, diesel-operated and licensed under the farmer rate. Moreover, not all counties require this part of the inspection. Here is a list of NC counties that do require an emission inspection.

The Inspection Station Near Me at Peters Auto Mall

Most importantly, Peters Auto Mall is a certified state inspection center. Their professionally trained team can administer the inspection tests on your vehicle. Additionally, they can answer simply and clearly any questions you may have about the tests.

In case your vehicle does not pass the inspection tests, they will determine why. Then, the technicians at the service center can repair the issue right there. That way, you can get your vehicle inspected again quickly and get back on the road.

There is more to Peters Auto Mall than being the best pre-owned vehicle dealership. They want NC residents to have the confidence of safe and legal vehicles. Contact Peters Auto Mall today when you are searching for an inspection station near me in the Triad NC area.

Then, when you are ready for a newer vehicle, stop by and take a test drive. Even better, from the comfort of your own home, you can check out their inventory at any point in time. Find your dream car or truck and become part of the Peters’ family!