Amazing Used Cars Winston Salem Residents Love To Buy

used cars winston salemInterest rates for all types of consumer loans, including auto financing, are at historical lows. Low interest rates mean lower payments for you. Now’s the time to buy, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a used car. Moreover, if you’re searching for used cars Winston Salem dealerships with amazing deals, shop Peters Auto Mall.

Most consumers will travel out of their way when they find a company that treats them very well. Often, customer service is more important to shoppers than price. We value you and your time so we make the car buying process as easy and quick as possible. Most of all, we focus on both customer service and low prices. As a family-owned business in High Point for more than 25 years, we treat every customer as a member of our family. By keeping our prices low, we know that our returning customers will also recommend us to their family and friends.

Offering a large inventory with our no-haggle pricing, we have the car you need at the lowest prices. Moreover, you can buy a car from us entirely online if you prefer. Plus, we have an outstanding service department to maintain your automobile after the sale. We understand that our friendship begins from our very first interaction and continues throughout our relationship.

You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars by Buying a Pre Owned Vehicle

When you buy a quality pre owned car, you can save a lot of money. First, used cars are much cheaper than brand new cars. Plus, you can save on depreciation by buying a used vehicle. New cars lose a considerable amount of value in the first year of ownership. Just by driving your new car off the lot, you’ve lost thousands of dollars in value. Used cars lose value over the years too, but at a much slower rate.

Additionally, you can also save on value-based fees. Registration, highway use tax, and insurance premiums are types of a value-based fee. They are all calculated on the value of your car. The combination of all of these costs together alone can save you hundreds of dollars.

Moreover, cars last much longer than years ago, so there’s still plenty of miles left on today’s used vehicles. It’s not uncommon for many cars to reach the 200,000-mile mark. Much of this is due to improvements in powertrain technology, rust prevention, and lubricants.

There are many good deals out there on pre owned vehicles that can save you a lot of money. However, for pricing and ease of buying, Peters Auto Mall transcends other dealerships. Whether you’re looking for an SUV, truck, van, or car, we have pricing on used cars Winston Salem buyers can trust. Browse our online inventory. Many of our vehicles are late model cars with low mileage. When you see a vehicle you like, you can schedule a test drive or get pre-approved for financing. All from the comfort of your home. Our vehicle inventory is extensive and you’re sure to find exactly the right one for your needs.

How to Find the Perfect Vehicle

The used car market has many different kinds of vehicles. To find the one for you, begin by examining your needs. Everyone has a different purpose for an automobile. Do you need one for towing and hauling or big enough to fit a family? Perhaps you need one for a new driver or one that you can also use for your business. Start with a list of several vehicles that fit your criteria and your budget. Keep in mind that a used car is a better value, since you will probably receive some luxury options for which the original owner paid a very high price. When you purchase the same car, you won’t pay extra for those options, such as rear-view camera, GPS, or heated seats.

Next, do some online research. You can check many different factors online such as price, vehicle features, availability, and reliability. Many consumers tend to look only at the price of a vehicle when comparison shopping. However, the long-term expense of maintenance and repair can also affect your cost.

RepairPal is an invaluable research tool for determining dependability. Operating since 2007, this organization gives consumers a measurement of reliability based on the cost, frequency, and severity of repairs. Thus, it will help you compare the total cost of ownership between automobiles. This factor, coupled with maintenance costs and fuel efficiency helps define the true expense of a particular car.

Comparing safety features and crash test results is another factor you may want to explore. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration created the 5-Star Ratings Program to give consumers information about a vehicle’s safety. The organization conducts tests to determine the vehicle’s safety in frontal and side crashes as well as rollover resistance. Additionally, if the manufacturer has issued any recalls, you can find that information here as well.

Another organization concerned with vehicle safety is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). This institution analyzes crashworthiness along with crash avoidance and mitigation. In addition, the IIHS identifies the best vehicle options for safety with its “Top Safety Picks”.

Vehicle History Reports Are Invaluable

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a particular vehicle, be sure to get a vehicle history report. This is a compilation of the vehicle’s past including owners, accident history, maintenance, and odometer reading. Buyers only need an automobile’s VIN to access the information.

Carfax and AutoCheck are the dominant companies providing history reports. Both provide detailed information although each is slightly different in pricing and reporting. Peters will give you a free history report on the vehicle you’re interested in.

If you can, you should also bring the vehicle down to your mechanic to look over the engine. During the inspection, your mechanic can check the transmission, suspension, and electrical system. Or, you can simply buy your car from Peters Auto Mall.

We conduct a thorough inspection of every vehicle we sell before we place it on the lot. Our examination takes about 12 hours as we go through our systematic 125-point inspection. However, we don’t mind how long we take, since we want you to feel confident in your purchase.

Is It Difficult to Finance A Used Car?

While it’s true that used cars are cheaper than brand-new cars, most people need financing to make a purchase. Finding financing for a used car isn’t any different than obtaining a loan for a new vehicle. Typically, lenders are more concerned with your credit rating than the particular car you’re buying.

All lenders base their approval on your credit history. Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian are the 3 big credit history reporting agencies. Based on open accounts, credit limits, payment history, and a few other factors, these agencies issue a score. Lenders use this score to determine the likelihood of you paying back the loan.

Generally, lenders consider a credit score above 700 good. Although ranges will vary due to slight differences in the scoring model. If you’re not sure what your credit score is, each agency will supply you with one free report per year.

Get Pre-Approved Before You Start Looking

If you’re planning on financing your car purchase, start shopping for financing options before you start looking at vehicles. Most importantly, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend. Additionally, by shopping around, you’ll know you have the best financing possible. Lenders offer a variety of financing options such as variable or fixed-rate loans with different rates and terms.

For example, a simple interest rate tells only part of the story. Often, lenders will tack on additional fees. You’ll see these fees reflecting in a higher APR. Using the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a good way to compare loan costs.

Another important consideration is the loan term. Although a longer-term will mean a lower monthly payment, you’ll pay more interest over time. The added time to pay off your loan can add up to hundreds of dollars.

National banks, credit unions, community banks, online lenders, and dealerships offer financing. Shop around to see which offer best suits your needs and budget. Then, apply for a pre-approval. Pre-approvals don’t obligate you in any way to secure a loan with that lender, but you’ll have extra bargaining power.

At Peters, We Offer Financing Options for Everyone

Often, you’ll see advertisements offering amazing deals such as 0% financing on new vehicles. However, these offers aren’t available to everyone. Dealerships always condition these terms upon approved credit. Sometimes referred to as the “fine print,” a dealer restricts the offer to those with the very best credit.

All of us want good credit, but life doesn’t always follow our plan. Pandemics occur, followed by layoffs. Injuries or illnesses can reduce our earning power or even cause late payments.

Sometimes, you may have difficulty obtaining auto financing due to bad credit. Many lenders will turn you down with a low credit score. However, at Peters Auto Mall, we try to finance everyone, no matter what your credit. Moreover, we work with you to find an auto loan with a monthly payment you can afford. It’s important to us that your car loan fits into your budget and that you get the car you want at a monthly payment you can afford.

We understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable and difficult. Furthermore, we understand that life without a car can be a hardship. So, we’ll work with you to make car financing happen. Since 1993, we’ve been helping local customers get the car they need. Our reputation depends on making fair deals, and the fact that we do is evident in our customer reviews.

Also, right now, we’re offering an unbelievable special. We can get you behind the wheel of your dreams with payments starting at only $99 per month. The offer is only good with our coupon, available here on our website.

Are There Car Dealerships That Buy Cars?

When most people talk about car dealerships that buy cars, they actually mean trade-ins. This is when a dealership will buy your old vehicle and apply the trade-in value towards a new automobile. A common practice among dealerships, you’re often obligated to make a purchase.

However, At Peters Auto Mall, we want to buy from you without any pressure to buy from us, ever. When you need quick cash, bring your car down to us at any time. We pay true market value for whatever type of vehicle you want to sell. We truly are one of the car dealerships that buy cars! Moreover, you never need an appointment. Our process is fast and easy! Save yourself the hassle of advertising, negotiating, and meeting strangers. Selling privately can be a long process and a security risk.

Some dealerships take as long as 24-48 hours to process your transaction. At Peters Auto Mall, we’ll present you with an offer in as little as 15 minutes! Plus, we’ll handle all the paperwork. Just remember to bring a valid ID for all owners, your payoff statement or title, and all maintenance records. We’ll handle the rest. You can accept payment on the spot or take 7 days to decide if you want to accept our offer.

Used Cars Winston Salem Buyers Know Are Reliable and At A Fantastic Price!

Car dealerships are plentiful. But dealers that treat you like family are a rarity. Even harder to find are dealerships with great prices and excellent customer service. When searching for used cars Winston Salem consumers rely on for fantastic deals, shop Peters Auto Mall.

We’ve been around since 1993 when Kevin and Angie Peters saw a need for a different kind of car-buying experience. Starting with a small lot, we’ve grown into the Piedmont Triad’s #1 used car dealership. Our mission is the same as it was then, to make used car buying enjoyable. You should always be able to find the right vehicle for both your wants and your needs!

Yet, we are still here for you after the sale. Our outstanding service department is fast, efficient, and easy. We have 3 convenient locations to serve you. In Greensboro, we’re located on West Market Street and in High Point, we’re on both South and North Main Street. Moreover, we’re always just a phone call away at 336-434-1600.