10 Things You Should Know About Used Lifted Trucks for Sale

used lifted trucks for saleAt Peters Auto Mall, we have a wide variety of used vehicles available, including used lifted trucks for sale. Is a lifted truck right for you? Before you buy, here are ten things you need to know about purchasing a truck with a lift kit.

What is a “Lifted” Truck?

As the name implies, a lifted truck has a body that is higher off the ground than normal. You can lift trucks with either a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit (or both for even more height!).

A body lift kit gives you a few inches of extra height. It uses the space under the cab to lift the body of the truck. Typically, a body lift kit is less expensive than a suspension lift kit.

Suspension lift kits actually modify the suspension of the truck. This allows you to lift the cab even higher. If you want larger tires, you typically need to modify the truck with a suspension lift kit.

With both a body kit and suspension kit together, you achieve maximum height! If you love a bold lifted look, this is the way to go. We have custom lifted truck options in all heights here at Peters Auto Mall.

Why do Some Drivers Choose to Lift Their Trucks?

Lifting your truck has a variety of benefits. Here are some of the main reasons people choose a lifted truck:

  • Sitting Higher
  • Aesthetics
  • Off-Roading Capabilities
  • Better Towing Capabilities

First let’s talk about visibility. When you have a lifted truck, it can be easier to see in traffic. Of course, it is also easier for other people to see you. Even without larger tires, you have a few extra inches of height. Some people simply prefer to sit up higher when they drive.

This goes hand-in-hand with the second advantage to lifted trucks – aesthetics. Although it’s a matter of taste, many people think lifted trucks just look cooler. In addition to the lift kit, many of the lifted trucks we sell have other unique features, such as a custom exhaust or light bar.

The most practical reason to get a lifted truck is the off-roading capabilities. With a lifted pickup truck, you’ll have an easier time driving over obstacles and tackling terrain after a storm. It is also easier to go down steep inclines, since your bumper is higher off the ground. Additionally, you’ll be able to drive though water or snow that would stop other trucks.

If you have just a slightly lifted truck, you also have more towing capacity. However, keep in mind that your towing capabilities start to go down as you lift higher and higher. So, if you need that towing power, but want the other benefits, stick to a slightly-lifted truck.

What are the Disadvantages to Lifted Trucks?

As with all truck modifications, there are disadvantages as well. Here at Peters Auto Mall, we have a wide range of vehicle options so you can choose a non-lifted pickup, if that is the better option for you.

The most obviously downside to a lifted truck is the height. Yes, this is both an advantage and disadvantage! While the height allows you to see better and navigate off road obstacles, it also makes it hard to get into the truck. If you have a family, getting kids in and out of a lifted truck can be a nightmare. Even adults can have a hard time getting into some lifted trucks. You may need to keep a step stool in your truck.

When you lift a truck, you also need other custom parts in some cases. You may need to replace brake lines and the exhaust system, for example. It depends on the height. Staying with factory standard parts is typically more cost-effective.

You may also find that your ride isn’t as smooth with a lifted truck. It depends how high you lift it and whether or not you customize the suspension. You’ll also need to keep in mind that braking and steering can feel different in a lifted truck. We highly recommend a test drive of any lifted truck you are considering so you can see the difference. Even if your plan is to purchase a typical truck and get a lift kit later, you should test drive at least one lifted truck if you’ve never driven a lifted truck before.

Which Trucks can You Lift?

One can lift almost any truck. You can even lift an older truck. One of the biggest reasons a truck wouldn’t be able to have a lift kit added is when the body has damage. However, here at Peters Auto Mall, we don’t have trucks on our lot with significant damage. Every vehicle we sell goes through a 125-point inspection to ensure it is a good deal for our customers. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in our customer service. If we wouldn’t sell a truck to our own family members or friends, we won’t sell it to you.

That said, there are a few popular models of trucks on our lot that a prior owner lifted. There are also some trucks that the manufacturer lifted. Ford, Chevy, and many other vehicle manufacturers offer a lift kit as an option when you buy a new vehicle, so you don’t have to get it done after the fact. When their drivers upgrade, those used trucks end up on our lot.

While you can buy a new lifted truck, buying used is a better option. When you buy new, you’re paying a premium just to be the first owner. Often, trucks come to our lot after only one or two years of use and with less than 50,000 miles. You’ll pay just a fraction of the price that someone paid when it was new. Some owners don’t even make good use of their lift kit, so the truck may have seen little time off-roading.

In addition to lifted trucks, you can also find SUV models with lift kits. Jeeps are one of the most popular SUVs to have a lift kit, and with their rugged appearance and performance it is easy to see why. If you’re on the market for a lifted vehicle, you might want to check out the jeep options we have available in addition to our trucks.

Which Lift Height is Right for Me?

Lifted trucks can be just two inches higher than normal. On the other end of the spectrum, you have monster trucks. Most lifted trucks fall somewhere in between.

Something important to remember is that all states have laws about how high a lifted truck can be and remain street-legal. It’s why you don’t see actual monster trucks driving down the highway. States may have laws about the following:

  • Overall truck height
  • Suspension height
  • Bumper height
  • Mud flap requirements based on height
  • Tire size
  • Frame height
  • Height of lights in front and back

You should learn the laws in your state, as well as in any state where you will be driving your truck. This site is a great reference; just click on your state to read the current laws regarding lifted vehicles and vehicle size in general.

When determining the lift height that is right for you, here are a few things to consider:

  • Who will be riding in my truck? Will they be able to easily get in and out?
  • What level of off-roading will I be doing?
  • Is towing capacity important to me?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice certain handling aspects and fuel economy to have a higher truck?
  • Are there any height limitations where I park?

And of course, you want to think about your budget. The higher the lift, the more the lift kit generally costs.

Instead of a lifted truck, you may wish to purchase a leveled truck. With leveling, they have lifted only the front half of the truck slightly. New trucks can look like they aren’t level, because the back end is slightly higher to compensate for it being lower when loaded. Leveling gives you a more aesthetically pleasing look that some people desire, without adding a massive amount of height.

Do I Need Special Tires or Other Parts for a Lifted Truck?

One accomplishes lifting by using a lift kit. If you are purchasing a lifted truck, you don’t have to worry about needing special parts. You can even use standard tires, though most lifted truck owners choose larger tires that match the lift.

However, keep in mind that if you need repairs, you might need non-standard parts. For example, if your truck is fairly high, you might need longer brake lines.

If you will be purchasing a normal truck and lifting it after the fact, we recommend speaking to a professional about the lift kit you need. There are several different lift kits based on how high you will be lifting the truck and the truck’s make and model. Lift kits can be relatively inexpensive or they can be very expensive. Remember to always work with a licensed mechanic if you want to lift a truck.

Does Lifting a Truck Void the Warranty?

In most cases, yes. Lifting a truck will void the warranty. It’s extremely important that you understand this risk before you lift your truck.

However, if you want a lifted truck that has a warranty, you can purchase a truck that someone lifted and for which they obtained a warranty, or one that came that way from the manufacturer. Finding used lifted trucks for sale isn’t hard if you shop at Peters Auto Mall! One of our sales reps can speak to you about available warranties for the different trucks on our lot.

What About Lowered Trucks?

In addition to lifted trucks, you may also want to consider a lowered truck. As the name implies, these are trucks that are lower to the ground than normal.

A lowered truck is not going to be best for off-roading. If you want a truck that can easily handle mud puddles, downed trees, and inclines, you are going to want a lifted truck! However, lowered trucks do give you a “cool factor” in terms of aesthetics.

Additionally, lowered trucks give you more stability, especially if you are starting with a model that is higher than average. The lower the center of gravity, the less likely your truck is to roll over. Lowered trucks also have other benefits, such as reduced wind drag and more tire traction.

Just as with lifted vehicle options, lowered vehicles have some disadvantages too. In lowered trucks, it is easy to “bottom out” (i.e. scrape the bottom of the truck against the ground when you go over speed bumps or potholes). If you’ve ever ridden in a lowered vehicle, you also know that the ride isn’t the smoothest.

Can I Afford a Lifted Truck?

Here at Peters Auto Mall, we can get you set up with affordable truck financing. Our goal is to help you drive away in the truck of your dreams. We can help almost anyone get an approval. Even if your credit is less than perfect, we may be able to help get truck financing.

However, we also want to make sure that you’re financially ready to own a truck. Trucks are inherently more expensive than cars, on average. They also come with increased costs for fuel and maintenance in most cases. Before you dive into truck financing, we want you to be set up for success. This article has some great tips about budgeting and determining what you can afford. Our financing team will work with you to ensure that your financing plan has monthly payments within your budget.

Are There Used Lifted Trucks for Sale Near Me?

Peters Auto Mall has several lots filled with gently-used vehicles looking for their next home. We would love to show you the lifted trucks available now. We’ll even make you an offer on your current vehicle. Our appraisal will be good for seven days, so you have time to go home and think about our offer. You can take a test drive of any vehicle you are considering, including our lifted trucks. Click here for the address and hours of our three locations.