5 Recommendations on the Best Car for College Students

best car for college studentsHaving a car at college can be extremely beneficial. When students live off campus, it’s essential for them to have a reliable form of transportation to school and work without limiting where they can live or get a job. It will also allow them to drive back home for breaks and holidays, which parents can appreciate as well. However, before students and parents start trying to sift through all the options at the dealership, it helps to know which makes and models have been recommended as the best car for college students.

What to Consider When Searching for the Best Car for College Students

There are several important factors to take into consideration when students and their parents are shopping for vehicles. While the most important criteria for a college student may be looks and comfort, parents will be more concerned with price, fuel efficiency, safety ratings, and reliability scores. The following suggestions for the best car for college students have ranked well when it comes to functionality, cost, and appearance.

Perfect Cars for the College Student Lifestyle

  • Nissan Versa: The Nissan Versa is one of the most economical cars on the market. It is available in either a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. Plus, both options come standard with a power steering system that is made to promote easier reversing and parking. It also gets decent gas mileage and has a good rating for safety.
  • Chevrolet Cruze: The Chevrolet Cruze has been consistently recognized as a best car for college students. It’s a high quality, compact vehicle that fits within many budgets and is dependable in its performance and efficiency. It handles very comfortably, with a spacious interior to improve the ride.
  • Hyundai Elantra: The newer Hyundai Elantra model features a sportier look to go with its enhanced roominess and cargo space but has managed to retain its affordable price tag. It also has high safety ratings and offers upscale features and good fuel economy.
  • Dodge Dart: The Dodge Dart will fulfill a college student’s need for a sportier looking vehicle, while upholding safety, affordability, and efficiency. It comes with numerous safety features and utilizes advanced technology for a more exciting driving experience.
  • Toyota Corolla: Toyota Corollas are winners in a variety of categories. It will prove to be economical in its purchase price, at the gas pumps, and at the mechanic. Models manufactured in the last few years have Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free cell phone activity and music streaming. It also has upgraded safety devices.

Find the Best Car for College Students at Peters Auto Mall

Peters Auto Mall is proud to carry each of these vehicles in our superior inventory of used cars. Plus, they carry many other makes and models that are great for students. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly staff members makes it simple for parents and their kids to find the best car for college students. It is our goal to make sure students drive off the lot happy with their new wheels and parents leave with peace of mind about their child’s safety on the road.