​5 of the Top Used Trucks for Sale in NC

used trucks for sale in nc

When deciding on which type of car you want to buy, there are a couple of different things to think about. First, what will you be using it for? Perhaps you are looking for a vehicle that will only be used to get you to and from work, one that you may need to put a lot of miles on, depending on your commute. It might be that you are in the market for a car that will be used in your work. If you need to do a lot of towing or hauling, you certainly will require the right vehicle. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with a pickup truck. Pickup trucks are some of the most durable vehicles available, and they are great no matter what you need them for. If a pickup will work for you, the next step is figuring out which one to get. And while a brand-new model may not be in the cards, you can certainly find quality used trucks for sale in NC. Someone else has taken the depreciation when it was new and you get the real value! Here are some of the best available:

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is routinely one of the most popular and best-selling used trucks for sale in NC. In addition to a lot of power under the hood, newer models are made of aluminum, which makes them lighter and improves durability. You can also get an F-150 with several new tech features.

Chevy Silverado

In the full-size pickup category, the Silverado is at the top of the list. They come in different body styles and have fuel-efficient engines that are still very powerful. Perfect for work or just as a family vehicle, when searching for used trucks for sale in NC, do not neglect the Silverado.

Toyota Tacoma

If your job requires you to go off-road, the Tacoma could be your best choice when thinking about used trucks for sale in NC. The Tacoma comes with raised suspension that makes it ideal for all sorts of terrain. You can also have yours equipped with off-road tech that will allow you to get even more out of it.

Ram 2500

Comfort is one of the 2500’s defining characteristics. The torque-rich diesel engine provides excellent power, but the 2500 also offers a smooth ride and a quiet cabin. A versatile pickup, the 2500 would be good for work, road trips, or however, you want to use it.

GMC Canyon

If you are looking for a compact truck, the GMC Canyon is a great choice. And what the Canyon may lack in size, it more than makes up for in maneuverability as well as fuel efficiency. The Canyon is also one of the more stylish used trucks for sale in NC, both inside and out.
No matter which type of used trucks for sale in NC you are shopping for, you will find it at Peters Auto Mall. Work, play, or both, we will help you choose the right truck at a great price. We have a huge selection of the best used trucks for sale in NC, so stop in today to take a test drive.