4 Maintenance Tips for Rural Drivers

Maintenance TipsDo you spend a lot of time driving on back roads that are unpaved and untreated? Rural drivers, this one is for you! Here’s a list of maintenance tips specifically for those of us who spend more time near cow fields than city lights.

  • Change Your Oil More Often.

If you drive in dirty conditions, as is often the case if you commonly find yourself on dirt roads, your engine “inhales” more dust and the oil will get dirtier faster.

Most vehicles require you to change the oil at least every 3,000 miles or so, but look in your maintenance book for manufacturer recommendations. More frequently might be even better for your vehicle, but definitely don’t try to save money by going even longer without an oil change.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter.

Your air filter is extremely easy to change – most people can do this themselves and some oil change places will even do it at no charge. In any case, don’t neglect this task. As with your oil, air filters often become dirty faster if you drive on dirt roads.

If your filter is clogged with too much dirt, air can’t properly get into your engine’s combustion chamber, and your check engine light will come on. Ignore it for too long, and your engine could stop altogether.

  • Keep Kitty Litter in the Trunk.

This may sound strange but it works! If you drive a smaller car, you can weigh down the back end in the winter with a large bag of kitty litter (or coarse sand). Not only will this make it easier to drive on unplowed roads, but you can also spread it on the road under your tires in case you get stuck.

During the winter, you may want to consider special tires for your vehicle, but the kitty litter trick will help you if you drive a lighter car.

  • Make Sure Your Headlights are Working.

In the city, you might start driving and not even realize that your lights are off because it is so bright. Rural areas? There’s no mistake if your headlights aren’t turned on! Make sure that they are working well, and don’t forget to check your high beams. Clean the glass regularly to make sure you have maximum visibility.

When driving on rural roads, remember that the speed limit is always a suggestion based on the best driving conditions. If you aren’t familiar with the road, the weather isn’t perfect, or it is dark, take it more slowly. Remember, you don’t have to just watch for other drivers; you also need to be on the lookout for wild animals and farm equipment. Trust Peters Auto Mall for all your car and maintenance tips needs!