​Used Cars in Greensboro NC You Can Trust

used cars in Greensboro NCBuying used cars in Greensboro NC can be a trying experience. Tired of pushy corporate dealerships? There’s a better option just down the road. Are you ready for a better car-buying experience? Peters Auto Mall in High Point is ready to show you one!
The Peters Auto Mall motto is Focused on You, and we put that into action every day. Our sales process is the opposite of what you’ll see at many dealerships. We train our salespeople to be friendly, not aggressive, and we don’t do highball, haggle-down prices. The only way we know to sell cars is the right way: honestly, and at honest prices.
(For more information on our sales process, check us out at the Triad Moms on Main blog!)

The Peters Process, Step One: What Can We Do for You?

Step One is to discover your needs and preferences so we can get you in the right vehicle for you. Part of being Focused on You is putting your needs first and finding you a car or truck you’ll love.

  • What will you be doing with your vehicle? Are you hauling machinery, hauling the soccer team, or just hauling in a Mustang?
  • How much space do you need? Are you looking for a sporty two-seater or a crossover or minivan that can fit the whole family?
  • What features are important? We have an excellent selection of vehicles with four-wheel drive, remote start, and more.
  • What’s your budget? (As you’ll see, there’s a lot we can do to help you afford a car you’ll love!)

The Peters Process, Step Two: How Can We Help You Pay?

Being Focused on You means helping you find your dream car and helping you afford it. We’re proud to offer a wide range of financing options for any level of credit score.

  • Receive pre-approval before you even set foot on our lot! Use our free credit check form to see what kind of loan you could qualify for. There’s no commitment, and it won’t affect your credit score!
  • Peters Auto Mall requires only proof of income to start looking at financing. Whatever your income, we can put you in a great car.
  • Doing some research into the best way to finance an auto purchase? Use our handy guide to financing to understand your options!

The Best Used Cars in Greensboro NC

If you need service, selection, and financing options, Peters Auto Mall is the place to be! When you want to see the best used cars in Greensboro NC area, come to our lot. Start today, by calling 888-981-7780 or just drop by! We’re at 2857 South Main Street in High Point. Let’s get Focused on You!