​Invest Your NC Tax Refund Wisely at Peters Auto Mall!

nc tax refund

It’s that time of year again! If you’re looking for a smart, practical yet fun way to spend your NC tax refund – why not consider finding a pre-owned vehicle? Invest your refund in something with long-term benefits at Peters Auto Mall!

Why invest your refund in a car?

It can be so tempting to spend that NC tax refund frivolously. Unfortunately, most things won’t last forever, nor will they be as useful as a vehicle. Finding a car for yourself or a loved one is the best way to spend your tax refund this season. Invest your refund in a gift that keeps on giving by coming in to talk to our team of professionals at Peters Auto Mall!

What makes a used car such a great investment?

We probably don’t need to tell you what makes a vehicle useful. Whether you need to travel to work, school, or just run some errands, a vehicle is an absolute necessity. Rather than purchasing a new car, paying top dollar for the options that you want and then losing thousands of dollars due to the depreciation as soon as you drive it out of the lot, why not buy a pre-owned car? Someone else has taken the loss on the depreciation and paid top dollar for extras and you receive the benefit! Contact Peters and get started on investing your refund in a reliable, comfortable, late-model vehicle today!

Why choose used?

While a new vehicle can be tempting, at Peters, we urge you to choose used. Used vehicles are just as reliable as they were when they first came off the lot. They just have a little more personality! Investing in a new car is just more money for no more value. You work hard for your money-make your NC tax refund work for you! Invest in a used vehicle. Get all the benefits of new without the added stress of that high price tag. What makes Peters the most trusted used car dealership in the Piedmont Triad?

When choosing the right vehicle for your household, one of the biggest concerns is the budget. At Peters, we understand the importance of affordable, reliable vehicles. It is our mission to make them available to any person on any budget.  An affordable vehicle is the absolute best way to spend your tax refund

Use your NC tax refund wisely with Peters

In addition to our pricing, Peters is also #1 for convenience. Our High Point location makes us easily accessible from anywhere in the Triad. Don’t waste any more time wondering how to spend this year’s refund – think long-term!! Invest in a pre-owned vehicle and rest assured you’ve made the best decision by shopping at Peters Auto Mall.

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