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Finding Quality Used Cars High Point NC for You and Your Family

used cars High Point NCThe best used cars High Point NC has for sale are closer than you might realize! Just a short trip into High Point and down Main Street, you’ll find the best selection of vehicles at the best values. When you see the big red sign for Peters Auto Mall, you’ll know you’re there!

Kevin and Angie Peters started Peters Auto Mall in 1993, with a simple mission in mind. That mission was, and still is, to give Triad vehicle buyers great experiences close to home — no traveling to Charlotte or the Triangle. By offering a strong selection, great value, and a customer service-focused experience, we’ve done just that for 25 years!

Whom Do We Serve?

At Peters Auto Mall, the answer is “the customer” every time! We adopted the slogan “Focused on You” to remind us what’s important. Our practice is to always prioritize customer service by offering:

  • Top-of-the-line selection, so you can find the vehicle that’s just right for you.
  • 125-point quality inspection on all vehicles for your peace-of-mind.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable salespeople who won’t push for a sale on a car you don’t love.
  • A fully-equipped service department to keep you running strong.
  • Fast and flexible financing that can help you afford your dream car with a manageable monthly payment.
  • Leading value for trade-ins and a quick and easy selling process.

Because of our customer-focused business practices, we attract buyers from all over the Triad, and from all walks of life. One thing our clientele has in common: they’re smart! They realize that a great used vehicle from a reputable dealership is one of the best decisions they can make. That’s why we have such a wide variety of patrons every day:

  • Young professionals who need a great, reliable vehicle as they build their future.
  • Students and their families looking for a cost-effective and fuel-efficient ride.
  • Families with kids searching for the perfect minivan or SUV.
  • People in the trades looking for a heavy-duty work vehicle.
  • Sports car enthusiasts who want more muscle under the hood.
  • Folks with trade-ins who want an upgrade.

No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, take a look at Peters Auto Mall!

The Basics of Finding the Best Used Cars High Point NC

If you’re just diving into the task of finding great certified pre-owned cars in High Point, the task can seem challenging. At Peters Auto Mall, we always love to leverage our expertise to help our customers find the best used cars. With that in mind, here are some factors to consider when you’re narrowing down your selection:

  • Before you hit the lot, research cars and trucks you’re interested in through Consumer Reports. This will give you lots of great information about the fuel efficiency, safety, and features of any model.
  • Research the average price of used cars in High Point NC. However, keep in mind that what you see are probably “haggle prices.” These are high-ball prices that a dealership expects you to negotiate down. At Peters, being ‘Focused on You’ means starting with a fair up-front price every time! The starting price is the final price – no haggling required.
  • Decide on your budget and what you need to get for your money. Our quick and easy auto loan calculator and pre-approval check can help, and won’t affect your credit score!
  • Get an accurate picture of the history of any vehicle you’re considering. Carefully examine the odometer reading and request a free vehicle history report from your salesperson. (We gladly provide them for any vehicle on our lot!)
  • Read up on the Federal Trade Commission’s warranty rules to learn about what standards a car’s warranty needs to meet. Ask your Peters salesperson for information about what kind of warranty they can provide on any vehicle!

For more information, including choosing make, model, and model year, check out our Peters Auto Mall buyer’s guide!

What Kind of Vehicles Can I Expect to Find at Peters?

We know that buyers expect many different things from their cars, and that there’s no one-size solution. For that reason, we take pride in stocking the best used cars for sale in almost every category! Our inventory includes many of America’s most popular models. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find a great used vehicle that suits your needs.

To get started on your car buying journey, take a look at our full inventory of amazing pre-owned cars! You’ll find gems in every category, including:

  • Economy cars built for efficiency, including some of the best pre-owned cars for college students.
  • Full-sized sedans, including luxury models on sale at affordable prices.
  • Muscle cars, for those who want a little more horsepower.
  • SUVs and crossovers for ultimate versatility and sporty styling.
  • Pickup trucks tough enough to handle any job.
  • Vans of all types, for family or work.

Why You Should Consider Trading Up at Peters

One of our secrets to the best selection of used cars High Point NC has to offer? Offering great value for trade-ins! Triad car buyers know they’ll get a great value at Peters. That translates to more of the best used cars on our lot for all of our customers!

If it’s time to trade in that set of old wheels, now is the perfect time! Benefits of trading in your used vehicle at Peters include:

  • A quick and easy process — we can usually have an offer in your hands in just 30 minutes.
  • Offers are good for up to 7 days — feel free to think it over!
  • Putting the value of your car toward your down payment.
  • Skip the legal and security risks associated with selling your car privately.

Ready to get started? Use our easy vehicle selling form to turn the key on the process today!

For over 25 years, Peters Auto Mall of High Point has offered the best used cars High Point NC has! Our famous High Point lot is located at 2857 South Main St. in High Point. Live in Greensboro? Don’t worry we have a lot there too! It’s located at 5101 West Market St. in Greensboro. Come see why we’re a pillar of the Triad’s automotive community! Why wait?